Web Designer, Problem Solver

For over 14 years Steven Monson has built quality websites for a wide variety of businesses. His dedication and ingenuity make him a valuable employee. Portfolio

Full Stack Designer

Extensive experience with HTML, CSS, WordPress, and Adobe software means Steven is comfortable with both the technical and artistic sides of web design.
My Skills

Skills at a Glance

Technical Skills


I’m very comfortable crafting full responsive layouts from scratch and have extensive experience writing semantic HTML and CSS.


I’m intimately familiar with the WordPress ecosystem and able to create custom themes, work with PHP, and design back-end user interfaces for clients.


I’m not a programmer but I frequently write JavaScript to enhance websites. I’m a big believer in progressive development. Websites should still function even if the JavaScript doesn’t load.


While not my specialty, I have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of search engine optimization and have helped many companies improve their search rankings.


I’ve done extensive usability and accessibility research and know how to make ADA compliant websites. There’s always more to learn but I care about making websites accessible to users of all types and abilities.

Artistic Skills

Graphic Design

I specialize in Web and UI graphics but am also very comfortable with traditional print media. I’m able to handle the artistic and technical aspects of graphic design.


Solid typography is often what separates the amateurs from the professionals. I love wielding line-height, weights, and fonts for maximum readability and impact.

Adobe Photoshop

I’ve used Photoshop throughout my career and I’m extremely comfortable using it for a variety of tasks including image editing, graphic design, illustration, and layout design.

Adobe Illustrator

I frequently employ Illustrator to both create and edit vector graphics, including the creation of SVG icons, layout elements, or illustrations.

Motion Design

I’ve always loved animation, and enjoy adding subtle animations to websites and interfaces.  CSS is my most common animation tool, but I also use Adobe After Effects and GSAP.

Soft Skills

Problem Solving

I’m a problem solver. I love finding solutions to problems and making things better.

Active Learner

I’m a life-long learner and constantly seeking to improve my skills and knowledge. I’m curious by nature and always want to understand more about design and the world in general.

Research & Writing

I have a secret love for research and technical writing. I’ve written numerous articles and tutorials about design and technical subjects. I enjoy taking complex ideas and explaining them in way that is easy to understand.

Interpersonal Skills

I love working with people and always strive for clear and honest communication. I’m willing to listen and work with others to solve problems.

Project Management

I’m able to manage my own projects, talk with clients, and complete complex tasks.


What People Say About Steven...

…Amazing to work with… …Very knowledgeable… …A great listener… Steven has it all: work ethic, talent, integrity, and amiability… …Responsive, intuitive, and driven… Steven’s designs are beautiful and functional… [Designs are] visually stimulating and super easy to use…


Speaks the Language

Understanding design, code, and business allows him to effectively communicate with various stakeholders including clients, programmers, marketers, and management.
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Steven is currently open to new opportunities.  Think we might be a good fit?  Contact me through LinkedIn or send me an email.